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20 January
Shawnee Mission, Kansas, United States
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absurdity, alliteration, annuals, arbors, architecture, asia, backpacking, baking, baths, bonsai, bowers, bridges, brooks, c.j. cherryh, camping, canoeing, classical music, coffee, comedy, cooking, crossword puzzles, dictionaries, dorothy dunnett, encyclopedias, ethnic food, europe, exploration, fantasy, ferns, flowers, foliage, folklore, foreign films, foreign languages, forests, fountains, garden design, garden furniture, garden paths, gardening, gardens, gazebos, glades, grass, grottoes, hedges, herb gardens, herbs, hiding places, hiking, home improvement, hot tubs, houseplants, international travel, italy, ivy, japan, japanese gardens, kansas, kansas city, labyrinths, landscaping, languages, lawns, leaves, lilacs, massage, math, midwest, moss, mountains, movies, music, mythology, nature, oceans, ofuro, onsen, overland park, parks, perennials, photography, plants, ponds, pro-choice, puns, rain, reading, road trips, rocks, sarcasm, satire, scenic pictures, scenic route, sci-fi, science, science fiction, shade gardens, shrubberies, sleeping under the stars, soccer, stomping in puddles, storms, sudoku, sundials, sunsets, swings, tea, thunderstorms, tornadoes, travel, traveling, tree stumps, trees, water gardens, waterfalls, whitewater, wilderness, wildflowers, woods, word play

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